BBC Weather: UK set for brisk winds and showers

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Amid the bone-chilling temperatures across the country, the Met Office has forecast some areas will experience snowfall at midnight. Although snowfall will be restricted to parts of Scotland and areas of high ground, temperatures will continue to remain close to sub-zero on Wednesday. Meteorologist Helen Roberts of the Met Office said parts of central and Southern Highlands will see the worst of the weather.

She told The Sun: “Will there be snow from midnight tonight?

“Yes is the short answer, with some caveats.

“It won’t be continuous.

“There’ll be showers on and off, really over the very highest parts of the Cairngorms and possibly also part of central and southern Highlands.

“However, that will really be focused for the time being on just the highest peaks.”

In support of snow for some areas of the country, charts from forecaster Netweather predicts parts of Scotland will drop to 0C (32F) in the early hours of Thursday morning.

These cold conditions will spread later in the morning with parts of the North of England also see temperatures falling to freezing.

Some parts of Scotland will also see the mercury fall below freezing as the morning progresses with areas reporting -1C due to the cold weather front.

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For multiple areas of the country, temperatures will range from 4-8C (39-46F) on Thursday morning.

Wales will also see the mercury range between 2-4C (35-39F) on Thursday due to the bitter cold front.

While there may be snow on Wednesday night, forecasters are predicting the possibility of snow on November 5.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden claimed snow levels may be significant as Britons are gripped in a deep freeze.

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He said: “We could start to see some significant snow events over higher ground.

“Looking to Bonfire Night and there will be a risk of widespread frosts as we get a taste of some early wintry conditions.

“We are about to see a change in the weather paving the way for cold and wintry end to autumn.”

Such is the drop in temperatures, graphs from WXCharts claimed the mercury could fall to 2C in the south of England.

On November 5, temperatures could even fall to 2C for London.

Most areas of the south of England will also see the mercury fall to 2C while temperatures in Wales will range from 2-4C (35-39F).

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