A FIREFIGHTER was found dead at a resort in Cancun while on vacation with his wife to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

The body of Elijah Snow, 35, was reportedly found in a bathroom window at a hotel last week and the Texas man's family suspects he was murdered.

Snow's body was reportedly found at a hotel that was about a half-hour drive from the resort that he was staying at with his wife.

His cause of death has not been released, but Snow's family believes the situation is suspicious — and he may have been kidnapped.

According to KTVT, his wife, Jamie Snow, noticed her husband hadn't returned to their room after going to the bar when she awoke around 4am.

Snow's father-in-law Randy Elledge told the outlet that she began searching for him, and was told that he had been found dead around 8.30am.

Jamie Snow was reportedly told that her husband may have fallen between the walls of the resort next door.

The family does not believe that story and hired a local attorney who was able to obtain crime scene photos of Snow.

The photos appear to show that Snow had been beaten on most of his body, except his head and face.

The family believes that Snow may have been kidnapped, beaten, and killed.

"You're supposed to be safe there," Elledge said of the resort the couple was staying at.

"You're at your resort, all-inclusive, and have no intention of leaving so you'll be safe — and you're not safe there."

Snow served with the Arlington Fire Department for at least eight years.

The department shared information about a viewing and memorial for Snow, which will take place on Monday and Tuesday.

A fund has also been set up to raise money for Snow's wife and two daughters.

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