‘I got payback – he’ll never see the light of day again’: Victim of Britain’s worst rapist Reynhard Sinaga tells how he brought him to justice as he calls on more of sex attacker’s 195 victims to come forward

  • Reynhard Sinaga, 36, preyed on at least 195 men, incapacitating them with GHB
  • One victim woke up while he was being assaulted and beat up Sinaga to escape 
  • He told how he brought Sinaga to justice and calls for victims to come forward

A victim of Britain’s worst rapist Reynhard Sinaga has revealed how he beat up the sex attacker and brought him to justice – and called for more people who may have been targeted by the attacker to come forward.

The anonymous victim of Sinaga – who preyed on at least 195 men, incapacitating his victims with the date-rape drug GHB before filming his attacks – spoke with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain today.

He had been on a night out in Manchester and became separated from his friends when Sinaga invited him inside his flat to stay warm while his soon-to-be victim tried to contact his group. 

The victim today revealed how he got ‘payback’ on the rapist by beating him up before escaping – and said he hopes the predator will ‘never see the light of day again’.  

After drinking two shots offered by Sinaga – one red and one clear – he became dizzy and the rapist launched his vile attack while the victim blacked out before waking up at roughly 6am with Sinaga ‘basically on top of me at this point’. 

Sinaga preyed on at least 195 men, incapacitating his victims with the date-rape drug GHB before filming his attacks

He spoke of how he had to beat Sinaga, 36, to near death in order to escape, meaning the police initially arrested him for GBH – but thankfully the real victim had picked up the rapist’s phone accidentally when escaping.  

Officers found evidence of Sinaga’s vile attacks, and he was jailed for at least 30 years having been convicted across four trials of 159 offences – 136 rapes, eight attempted rapes, 14 sexual assaults, and one by penetration. 

Piers Morgan asked if he was satisfied knowing Sinaga was going to prison for a very long time, and the victim said: ‘I got a bit of payback by beating him up. 

‘Also he’s going to live the rest of his life in Strangeways while I’m going to be out in the open world living my life while he’s never going to see the light of day again.

Susannah Reid says that the fact the victim fought back gives him a sense of power against his attacker.  

He said: ‘That’s how I’ve got on with it… that I got a bit of payback, from beating up and stopping him, and kind of blocking out the bit that I don’t know what happened.’

The victim today revealed how he got ‘payback’ on the rapist by beating him up before escaping – and said he hopes the predator will ‘never see the light of day again’

Bottles of alcohol which were used to spike victims in the home of Reynhard Sinaga in Manchester

Officers are encouraging people to come forward, saying that not all of Sinaga’s targets have been traced and some of those men may not know they have been assaulted.  

The victim who caught Sinaga today said: ‘I’ve had the help of my friends and family and the health clinic of my area to make sure that I was all right, but I say to anyone who thinks there’s something that might have happened to them, it’s better to step forward with it and deal with it.

‘Because there’s no point – this is what Sinaga wanted, is to kill us from the inside, but we need to let it go out and say it’s not a bad thing, it’s not our fault, it’s his fault.’   

Speaking about whether the rapist should ever be freed, he concluded: ‘No, he should never see the light of day again, for all the people he’s done it to, all the lives he’s ruined that didn’t know it happened – the police officers came to these poor boys doors and found out it’s happened to them, for their sake alone.’ 

The bedroom floor, where dozens of rapes took place, in the home of Reynhard Sinaga in Manchester

The victim revealed that when police originally arrested him, he thought they were simply doing their ‘due diligence’, but ended up feeling like he himself was the perpetrator.

He had spent 11 hours in a cell before police discovered that Sinaga had filmed attacks on dozens of unconscious men on his iPhone, proving the victim was telling the truth.  

Sinaga’s victims were almost always straight men, and they often had no clue about what had happened when they awoke after the appalling attacks, feeling groggy and disoriented. As many as 70 of them have yet to be identified.  

This victim had only realised Sinaga had raped him when he first escaped his flat and his mind started ‘clicking together thinking this was wrong, this doesn’t happen normally’.    

He remembers waking up face-down on a quilt on the bedroom floor.

‘I was disoriented, face-down on a pillow,’ he has previously told the Mail on Sunday. ‘I remember my pants and jeans were down to the top of my knees.

‘He was on top of me with his pants down. I turned my head to the side and he jumped up and ran out of the room.

The front door and the hallway at the home of Sinaga, who has been jailed for life, is pictured

The living room at the home of Sinaga, who was jailed at Manchester Crown Court for life

‘I stood up and pulled my pants and jeans up and I did my belt up. I was still unsure where I was – I didn’t know what had happened.

‘He came back in to the bedroom. He had put some trousers on. I said to him, ‘Mate, what’s happening? I just want to go home.’ The next thing he started shouting, ‘Intruder! There’s an intruder.’ I said, ‘Mate, can you calm down? What’s happening?’ I was so confused.’

Then Sinaga ran at him, headbutting him across the bridge of his nose, before biting him on the shoulder and stomach.

The victim fought back. ‘We were wrestling and grappling with each other. I managed to hit him a few times over the head. I was hitting him and elbowing him and just trying to get him off me.

‘I was stronger than him and I pushed him on to the bed. He grabbed a hold of my T-shirt and pulled me down on top of him. He was grabbing hold of me and biting me. I hit him a few more times and he lay on the bed.’

 Sinaga (left) claimed the men consented to being recorded playing a sex game in which they pretended to be dead to fulfil his fantasies at his flat (right, where blood was seen on the door)

The victim had spent 11 hours in a cell before police discovered that Sinaga had filmed attacks on dozens of unconscious men on his iPhone, proving he was telling the truth

With Sinaga dazed, the victim frantically scrambled his belongings together. ‘I walked out of the bedroom and found my phone in the bathroom with my driving licence and my wallet. He must have taken them out of my pockets when I was passed out,’ he says. ‘I knew I had to get out of there and so I went to open his front door.’

Just as the victim discovered the door was locked, Sinaga suddenly sprang back to life and jumped on his back. The victim pulled him over his shoulder and began raining down punches on the rapist’s head. 

‘I’d had scuffles on the rugby field before but nothing like this,’ he says. ‘I was punching him in the head and finally he let go of me. I got the front door open and ran out.’

By now, Peter’s blue jeans and black T-shirt were drenched in Sinaga’s blood. He checked his phone but it had run out of battery so he ran across the road and stopped a startled passer-by. After pleading to borrow his phone, he called his mother. ‘I said, ‘Mum, please can you pick me up where you dropped me off?’ ‘

As he waited he thought to himself that his attacker might be dead. He says: ‘He wasn’t moving and I thought about the amount of force I’d used to get him off me.

‘For a second I thought about not calling the police because I was worried I was going to be in trouble, but I knew I had to. I needed to tell them what had happened.’

Peter went back inside the block of flats and knocked on an apartment on the first floor.

‘This guy came to the door and I said, ‘Please can I use your phone? I need to phone the police.’ He loaned me his mobile and he was watching me carefully. I phoned 999. I said, ‘I think I’ve been raped and that I’ve beaten this man up in his apartment.’ 

When Peter’s mother arrived 20 minutes later, she was confronted by blue flashing lights outside the flats.  

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