VILLAGERS fear human remains found in woodland beside a major motorway could be linked to serial killer Christopher Halliwell.

Forensics officers are scouring land beside the M4 near Swindon, Wiltshire today after "old" bones were discovered.

But residents living in picturesque farming village Bradbury, close to the grisly find, fear a murderer who killed two young women may be to blame.

Taxi driver Halliwell is currently serving two life sentences in jail for killing Sian O’Callaghan, 22, and Becky ­Godden, 20.

Sian was killed just two minutes after she got into Halliwell's cab in Swindon on March 19, 2011. She had been brutally beaten and stabbed.

Having guided cops to the remote spot where he had dumped her body, Halliwell suddenly confessed: “I’m a sick f***er. I need help. Do you want another one?”

The fiend then revealed where cops could find the body of Becky – who he'd strangled to death in 2003.

Now locals say they're desperately worried the remains may belong to another of his victims.

A pensioner who has lived in a cottage in the village for 28 years said: “My daughter said she thought it could be linked to Christopher Halliwell because she often used to come by that bridge and there was a taxi parked there, and I have as well.

"She used to work at Tesco and go to work early in the morning and she saw the taxi parked up there.

“You don’t think anything of it because other vehicles park there but over the years we have seen a taxi parked there and that was our first thought yesterday after the bones were found."

The 72-year-old, who asked not to be named, said residents had often discussed the possibility there would be more victims.

"We thought, 'There's got to be more girls around here somewhere'," she said.

Cops have not yet ruled out a link to local cold cases, and say detectives are keeping an "open mind".

However, they say there's "no suggestion" that there are any connections to Halliwell "at this early stage".

Another Bradbury villager said: "This is such a nice area, I cannot think it could be linked to anybody else other than Christopher Halliwell.

"He committed such horrendous crimes and the police always said that he possibly was linked to many cold murder cases. I hope this is the start of the unravelling so families can get closure."

Detective Sergeant Steve Fulcher, who investigated Sian's disappearance, was fired after breaking police guidelines to drive Halliwell out to a site, instead of taking him in for a formal interview.

The cop believed he may still find the young woman alive.

And after Halliwell was jailed for life in 2012 for Sian's murder, a judge ruled his confession about Becky couldn't be used in court.

It took four more years of campaigning for it to be allowed, and Halliwell was eventually convicted of killing Becky and burying her body in a field at Eastleach, Gloucs.

In February 2015, police attempted to get a fresh confession from Halliwell in the hope he would admit to more killings he was suspected of carrying out.

Mr Fulcher later wrote a book about the tragedies, which were also the subject of ITV drama A Confession, starring Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton and Joe Absolom.

Unsolved murders linked to sick Halliwell

SOME killings are linked by the date March 19 — a day on which Halliwell was once dumped by a girlfriend in the 1980s, and also the date Sian was killed.

Linda Razzell, 41, disappeared in Swindon on March 19, 2002. Her husband Glyn has spent years in jail for her murder but maintains his innocence.

It has emerged Halliwell was obsessed with Linda after doing building work at the Razzells’ home four years before she died.

Halliwell’s father lived a few streets from the home of chef Claudia­Lawrence, who has been missing since March 19, 2009.

Another potential victim is sex worker Sally Ann John, 24, who vanished from Swindon in 1995. She and Halliwell lived on the same street.

The disappearances of Tina Pryer, 39, Thi Hai Nguyen, 20, and Sandra Brewin, 21, have also been linked to the killer

He claimed that clothing and other items discovered around a pond in 2014 pointed to a murderer hoarding "trophies" from his victims. Some 60 items were found buried at the site in Ramsbury.

And the former cop wrote: “If my suspicions are right, if the evidence in the trophy store suggests a truth that still lies hidden, then Halliwell had a prolific propensity to murder – perhaps as often as once or twice a year.”

In 2016, speaking after the trial at which Halliwell was convicted of murdering Becky, Detective Superintendent Sean Memory said: “Halliwell talked candidly in 1985 about wanting to be a serial killer and I genuinely believe that’s a distinct possibility.”

Police will remain at the site of the find in Swindon for perhaps weeks to come, Wiltshire Police chiefs confirmed.

A force spokesman said: "Specialist officers are currently conducting a meticulous search of the area to recover any relevant material before forensic scientific analysis is conducted.

"This sort of investigation can take a number of weeks however we will endeavour to provide updates where we can as this work continues.

"Members of the public will see a police presence in the area over the next few days and weeks."

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