AMERICANS have turned the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden into a drinking contest.

A debate drinking game has gone viral on social media in preparation for the first of three face-offs between Biden and Trump. Here's how to play.

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What is the Trump vs Biden drinking game?

The drinking contest involves common phrases used by both candidates throughout their campaign.

Each time a contestant hears either Biden or Trump say a buzzword while discussing a wide range of topics, they're forced to take a swig of liquor.

What are the rules?

Take One Drink Anytime Trump Says…

  • “Yuge” or “tremendous”
  • “China Flu” or “Kung Flu”
  • “Fake News”
  • “Rigged”
  • “Excuse Me”
  • Anything creepy about women
  • Anything racist or xenophobic 

Take One Drink Anytime Biden Says…

  • “Obama”
  • “Kamala”
  • “Malarkey”
  • “Mask”
  • Something incoherent
  • Anything creepy about women
  • “Jill and I”
  • “Beau”

Take One Drink Anytime Chris Wallace…

  • Tries to stop a candidate from speaking but fails
  • Says “the economy”
  • Mentions Fox News
  • Takes his glasses off
  • Makes the audience laugh

At the start, if you paid more than $750 in federal income taxes last year, take a drink.

If Trump is wearing a red tie, everyone drinks. The same rule applies if Biden is wearing a blue tie.

Whenever someone mentions "pandemic", "Fauci", "COVID", "virus", "vaccine", "unprecedented", or "new normal", stop drinking and put on a mask until another one of those words is said, at which point you can take off your mask and take a drink.

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