Good morning. The morning smoothies are getting intense where I putter about every dawn, getting people ready for school and work and study and play. Frozen fruit’s taking up a bigger and bigger part of the weekly food cost. Mango and pineapple with orange and a few dabs of yogurt. Blueberry and banana with oat milk. Strawberry banana. All the fruits cut through with orange juice, with soy milk, almond milk, milk milk, dealer’s choice. Whiz-whiz-whirrrrr is the new sound of the morning. Come join us in making it. You might drink less coffee.

Once fortified, know that today is a good one for shopping for the week ahead, for coming up with a menu for the days to come and trying this once to stick to it — at least for dinnertime, after freestyle lunches taken on the streets or at your desk with a series of sandwiches.

Tonight, for instance, you could make pan-fried eggplant with chile, honey and ricotta, a Melissa Clark jam that I think does well with little Japanese eggplants and a whole bunch of toast.

On Monday, Veterans Day, I’m thinking about the dish Gabrielle Hamilton calls scratchy-husband pasta, essentially a mash-up of three simple classics of the spaghetti repertoire: cacio e pepe, aglio e olio and all’arrabbiata, combined. It’s so terrific.

For dinner on Tuesday, give Mark Bittman’s spicy roasted chicken thighs a shot, with white rice and an enormous number of scallions, blistered in a hot pan so that they go limp and fragrant and delicious.

Wednesday’s maybe good for soup, which you could hurry along in a pressure cooker if you don’t have much time: a winter vegetable number, with turnips, carrots, potatoes and leeks.

For Thursday, I prescribe picadillo. You could serve it with rice and beans. Or with tortillas, flour or corn. Either way, it’s a fragrant, midweek delight.

And then, a nice project for a Friday night: buttermilk fried chicken (above), with gravy made with some of the pan drippings, and mashed potatoes. (Does that seem like a bit much for a Friday night? Order a pizza and set up the marinade, then fry for a Saturday feast.)

There are many, many thousands more recipes to cook this week on NYT Cooking. (You should make one of them this potato salad with melted Gruyère number I learned from Jimmy Bradley way back when.) Yes, if you’re wondering, you do need a subscription to access the site and apps. Subscriptions are our business model, same as for these cats who send you a new fishing shirt from some far-flung charter company every month. (It’s getting to the season where I can also suggest you buy someone a gift subscription. Right?)

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Now, it’s nothing to do with escarole or Burgundy, but the ship Edmund Fitzgerald sank during a storm on Lake Superior on this day in 1975, killing all 29 crew. Gordon Lightfoot wrote the song that commemorates the disaster, and you ought to listen to it today.

There are 1,000 grizzly bears living in northwestern Montana now, The Atlantic reports, the largest population in the United States outside Alaska. They’re going to have to start learning how to live with them.

Finally, courtesy of Rosemary Hill and the London Review of Books, do spend a little time with the performance journalist Auberon Waugh. Funny-dark-strange, totally British. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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