PRINCE Philip was admitted to hospital after feeling unwell on February 16, 2021.

The Duke of Edinburgh, 99, was said to be "in good spirits" at King Edward VII hospital in London.

When will Prince Philip leave hospital?

When announcing that he had been admitted to hospital, Buckingham Palace said the Duke would remain there "for a few days of observation and rest".

It is not clear when Prince Philip will leave hospital.

By Friday, February 19, he spent three nights at the private clinic.

However, no further details of his condition have been released.

The Palace said in a statement: "His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in London, on Tuesday evening.

"The duke’s admission is a precautionary measure, on the advice of [his] doctor, after feeling unwell.

"The duke is expected to remain in hospital for a few days of observation and rest."

Prince Philip is expected to remain under observation for a few more days, including the weekend.

A source said no visitors are allowed due to strict Covid-19 restrictions.

They added: "Everyone loves a visitor when they are feeling low in hospital but the Duke will be extremely stoic about it.

"He knows the nation is sending their thoughts and prayers. The Duke has been in HMS Bubble for almost a year so he is used to all kinds of restrictions.

"He has barely been able to see his family for the past year. He knows only too well people have been going through worse than him."

Why is Prince Philip in hospital?

Prince Philip was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, February 16, after feeling unwell at Windsor Castle.

The Palace said the admission was precautionary and was advised by His Royal Highness's doctor – but it was not an emergency.

A source said his condition was not Covid-related.

Philip went by car to the hospital and is said to have walked into the clinic unaided.

How long has Prince Philip been in hospital for?

Prince Philip has been in the hospital for three days so far.

He was admitted to the clinic on Tuesday, February 16 and is still in observation on Friday, February 19.

When will Prince Philip celebrate his 100th birthday?

Prince Philip will celebrate his 100th birthday on June 10, 2021.

He was born in Greece in 1921.

He will become the first male member of the Royal Family to turn 100 and the first royal consort to do so.

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