AMBER Rudd's daughter, Flora Gill, has been slammed for pushing "porn for children" on Twitter.

Her sickening demand has set off a barrage of abuse, with the journalist warned she's providing "dangerous weight behind what child sex offenders want".

Who is Flora Gill?

Flora Gill is the daughter of ex-Tory Minister Amber Rudd and the late writer and critic AA Gill.

In 2019, then aged 28, she wrote in The Sunday Times that she had taken an ancestry test which analysed her DNA, and revealed she has inherited an 'Alzheimer's gene' from each parent.

She said: "Now I have my results, I'm particularly aware of any mention of Alzheimer's, whether a character portrayed on television or a story recalled by a friend – every tale feels like a glimpse of my potential future."

Flora says on her Twitter bio that she's a journalist with bylines in GQ, Grazia, Evening Standard and The Sunday Times Magazine.

But she's hit the headlines for tweeting about "porn for children".

What did Flora Gill tweet?

Flora Gill tweeted on July 29, 2021: "Someone needs to create porn for children. Hear me out.

"Young teens are already watching porn but they're finding hard core, aggressive videos that give a terrible view of sex.

"They need entry level porn!

"A soft core site where everyone asks for consent and no one gets choked etc."

She later said: "To clarify – children means under 18. I'm talking about 14/15/16 year olds."

Children… need entry level porn.

Flora then tweeted that, "there should be porn that focuses on consent etc, and we should stop pretending that under 18 year olds aren't watching it.

"But I get that my wording was… abysmal."

After a furore erupted, Flora deleted the offensive tweet and announced to her 30,800 followers: "Absolutely not getting swept up into another twitter cesspool so deleted tweet before it picks up steam!

"Obviously not an actual solution, but it is a real problem.

"Everyone take a deep breath."

How have people reacted?

Flora was slammed for promoting 'idiocy' as paedo "groomers show kids porn all the time, to get them comfortable for [abuse] later on".

One woman wrote: "We can teach consent without making porn for children. What is not clicking?"

Another pointed out, "porn has a twisted and degrading view of sex and women", while there were many people simply asking her "wtf?"

Flora was also told that she was "disgusting".

Many people told her that "sex education should never be replaced by porn".

Mandy Majors wrote: "Porn is certainly a real problem with kids.

"It's increasing sexual abuse among children. I see this in my line of work. But. This is not a solution."

Groomers show kids porn all the time.

Senior lecturer Dr Michael Fanner tweeted: "What you suggested would, in fact, exacerbate the very problem & also provide dangerous weight behind the perverse leverage that child sex offenders want.

"Why not call for better RSE in schools? Inclusive and safe, with support and most importantly involvement of parental consent."

Gabriel Ruiz informed her: "Teaching kids about consent etc is called sexual education and should be left to parents to decide when and what to teach. Period.

"Porn's only purpose is sexual gratification based on particular fetishes. Two COMPLETELY different and SEPARATE things."


Another man tweeted: "Flora, when you've dug yourself a hole this deep it's best you just fall in.

"I find your comments obscene and an affront to our children.

"I would go as far as to say I've s**t better words!!"

One outraged grandma replied: "I'm a nan and I cannot imagine ever considering porn as suitable viewing for my kids, when they were teens – or my grandkids in a few years' time.

"The idea is repulsive."

Political gossip blogger Guido Fawkes wrote on Order Order: "Professional attention seeker and amateur sex therapist Flora Gill has forced her way back onto politics Twitter’s timeline after misguidedly believing 'porn for children' was something worth pitching."

The website notes she performed "the slowest U-turn since the Titanic" and deleted her kids' porn demand after a huge "backlash".


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