A window cleaner's wife was so fed-up he never cleaned their windows that she booked him to clean her house – only he didn't realise until his satnav took him home.

Jodie Morris was sick of hubby Adrian, 31, failing to wash the panes of their own home and decided to teach him a lesson.

The 27-year-old expected regular window cleaning when they first started dating five years ago – but after three months he was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, she decided enough was enough and made an online booking and got an automatic text informing her to leave the gate open as he'd be arriving at their address in Witham, Essex soon.

Her oblivious husband's sat-nav automatically updated with the booking address so it was only when he was close by Adrian realised it was his wife who had booked him.

Adrian then messaged his wife with the words: "You're an absolute tool."

Jodie said she made the booking on Monday (Sept 6) which was also Adrian birthday.

Marketing manager Jodie said: "I actually met Adrian five years ago, as he was my window cleaner!

"I kind of expected free window cleans when we started dating.

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"He did it for about three months then that was it. We got married last weekend and I thought 'that's it I'm putting our address on the system.'"

She went on: "He never reads the addresses – just copies and pastes into his Sat Nav. He did exactly that, he said he pulled into our road and expected it to be a road off of ours.

"But when it said 'In 200 yards your destination is on your left', he was fuming.

"He then text me calling me a tool. But he found it hilarious. And my windows are now clean.

"It was actually his birthday too haha! So took him out for a nice meal!"

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