Woman launches racist tirade against doctor and friends in London pub

Shocking moment woman launches a foul-mouthed racist tirade against a doctor and his friends in a London pub

  • The woman launched into the apparently unprovoked attack at a Wimbledon pub
  • The three men were celebrating the bank holiday at the Wibbas Down Inn
  • The unknown woman used frequent racial slurs against the British Asian men  

A woman has been exposed on camera using vile slurs and horrific racist language against three men in a London pub.

The men were in the Wibbas Down Inn, a Wetherspoon’s in Wimbledon, when the shocking incident took place at around midnight on Sunday in which they were called ‘P***s’ and told to ‘f*** off back to their country’.

In the bizarre seven-minute tirade, the woman also claims she is ‘related to the government’ and wishes painful illness on the men, saying they should ‘rot in hell’.  

When one of the men reveals he is a doctor, the woman says: ‘I don’t give a f*** about you being a doctor, the only reason you’re a doctor is because all our doctors have f****d off because of people like you.

‘I tell you what, if I was dying I wouldn’t want you to be my doctor, not a P*** like you.’

The three men subjected to the abuse were two brothers and a friend who were celebrating the bank holiday weekend ahead of their exams.

One of the men, 26, who did not wish to reveal his identity, said: ‘We went to the nearest pub to us, got a pint and we sat down. That’s when the lady next to us started mumbling and saying things under her breath.

‘Then she started aiming the abuse towards us. This is when I thought to turn my phone camera on and start recording the incident just in case we get attacked.’

Video footage shows the sickening abuse the men were subjected to as the woman repeatedly uses racial slurs.

She says: ‘I hope you don’t have any children, that is my wish for you.

‘This is my country not yours. F*** off to Bollo Bollo Land or wherever you came from.’

The barman tried to move the woman away but she persisted in using the vile offensive language

When one of the men corrects her by saying he is from Sri Lanka, she continues to use derogatory racist insults.

At one point, a barman comes over and asks her to move but she refuses before a bouncer tells the men to ignore the woman.

But the woman persists in her abuse, expressing surprise one of the men has a wife after making a homophobic comment.

She also claims to be ‘related to the government’ and says if they release the video: ‘We will get you done… Nasty little man, I hope you rot in hell where you belong.’

The three men eventually move to the other side of the pub away from the woman as she loudly shouts one more slur at them.

The incident was reported to the police the following morning.

One of the men said: ‘I’ve been to that pub before and never had any issues.’ 

A spokesperson for the Wibbas Down Inn refused to comment on the incident.

MailOnline has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment. 

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