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    A woman claiming she's Madeleine McCann reduced a woman to tears as she waits for her DNA results.

    Julia Wendell, from Poland, believes she might be the missing British child and has presented a swathe of evidence over the last few weeks that she claims supports her theory.

    And in a video posted to Instagram by Dr Fia Johansson, who is currently helping the 21-year-old learn her true identity, Wendell could be seen playing the piano and singing.

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    "She played for my sister, and she cried," Dr Johansson captioned the clip.

    Julia is currently waiting for the results of three DNA samples and a genetic test after she sensationally claimed she believed she might be Madeleine, who went missing during a family holiday to Portugal.

    Her @IAmMadeleineMcCann Instagram account had amassed over one million followers before it was taken down.

    Among her evidence is her claim that she looks similar to e-fits predicting what Madeleine would look like today, at age 19, and members of the McCann family.

    She also says they both have the same rare eye condition – a coloboma in her right eye, which makes the pupil appear misshapen when part of the tissue is missing.

    Close-up images Julia shared don't appear to show a coloboma as obvious as the one seen in pictures of Madeleine, but the condition can be made less obvious with coloured contact lenses or surgery, according to the National Eye Institute.

    Julia claims to have very few memories of her childhood, and Dr Johansson found there were no hospital records in Wroclaw – the city she supposedly grew up in – from the first five years of her life, making her believe Julia was trafficked to Poland as a child.

    She also says she was abused at a young age by a German paedophile who looked similar to a man police had once linked to Madeleine's disappearance.

    Despite the supposed evidence, however, experts have been sceptical about Julia's claim.

    Super-recogniser Simone Malik told the Daily Star she doesn't believe the woman is Madeleine and said the pair don't look alike "at all".

    She said: “I believe that this isn’t Madeleine McCann – obviously DNA is the only thing that would prove it.

    “On first impressions, when I looked at Julia Wendell I didn’t see any kind of family resemblance – at all.”

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