WWE legend Jeff Jarrett has told Daily Star Online that the “detestable” Sami Zayn is his favourite heel in WWE – as he reflects on a Hall of Famer career as a bad guy himself.

Jarrett is more than well aware of what it takes to rile audiences, having been the villain of the piece for vast majority of his career with Vince McMahon’s company.

Whether it was as a country music star in the mid-1990s or a guitar-wielding menace nearer the end of the decade, he was rarely on the good side of live crowds or those watching at home.

It is understandable then that the 53-year-old may have a soft spot for those now carrying on the art form of being a heel in WWE, and it’s a question we put to him during an exclusive interview this week.

The multi-time former Intercontinental and tag team champion took a moment to pose the question of who is flying that flag best of all in 2021 and, while he giving an understandable nod to the dominant Roman Reigns, it was the thought of Zayn who brought a smile to his face.

“You’ve gotta say Roman [is one of the best], he’s got a real good edge to him,” Jarrett said.

“But Sami Zayn… with Roman, there are things that you could say ‘I like that about him.’

“Sami, to me, is the type of heel where there’s no shred of anything, by design, that you would like about him.

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“He raises funds for great causes, but Sami Zayn the character is detestable, and I love it.

“It’s fantastic, he’s fantastic.”

Jarrett himself is currently sharing memorable stories from a wild and varied career in professional wrestling that included not just WWE but WCW, TNA and plenty more beyond.

His My World podcast is topping the charts as fans soak up tales of drama, tragedy and plenty of controversy.

Often, he finds that his audiences love listening to him now – even if they hated watching him back in the day.

On that point, he laughed, adding: “They weren’t supposed to like it, at all!

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“Hopefully I was doing my job right, and hopefully I continue to do it, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the fun I’m having and the success its having.”

Of bringing the show to these shores someday, he confirmed initial talks with fellow host Conrad Thompson and other promoters are being had.

“I’d love to [come] to the UK and do a live My World,” he said.” For a lot of years, the UK was my second wrestling home, from Scotland, all the way down and everything in between.

“I’ve always loved the UK, so to come do a My World show with Conrad would be very special.”

My World with Jeff Jarrett is a weekly podcast available at AdFreeShows.com.

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